5 Car-Buying Myths

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5 Car-Buying Myths Customers Shouldn’t Believe

When it comes to buying a car, people get some funny ideas that are based on cartoonish or cinematic portrayals of the car business and the people who sell them. Once you’ve selected the vehicle you want, the process of buying a car is actually pretty straightforward. A well-researched, informed customer who sits down with a quality dealership should not have to face unexpected drama or surprises.

Let’s bust a few old myths, shall we?

 1. Buying a car on a rainy day means a better deal

It’s an old wives’ tale that if you come into an empty dealership on a rainy day the salespeople will be so desperate for customers that they will slash prices just to make a sale.

In truth, lots of people think that way, so you will often find a dealership buzzing with activity on a rainy day! While you won’t find imaginary, below-cost discounts, you will find that a rainy day is great for test driving a vehicle to see how it handles tricky weather conditions. (If you want to negotiate on a quieter day, try a hot summer Friday of a long weekend!)

Let’s face it; a volume dealer like Mills Motors will do “Whatever it Takes” any day of the month!

2. Paying cash gets you a better deal
This is a myth because sometimes it’s true, and sometimes it isn’t! Each vehicle is different and at certain times of the year it may have a special promotion offered by the manufacturer that gives a discount for a cash purchase. However, that same vehicle at a different time may have another great sales promotion for financing that will save you just as much.

Do you know who knows which promotions are on right now? Your friendly neighbourhood car and truck sales professional has got the scoop! Ask one of our Sales Consultants about events going on Mills by clicking HERE.

3. Don’t tell your salesperson you have a trade-in until the last minute

You might get this advice from your dad or someone who thinks these kinds of old-school stunts result in more money for your trade. Sorry to tell you, but salespeople have been around the block a few times and know when customers try this one on for size. There are multiple factors which affect your trade-in value that aren’t influenced by your new vehicle purchase. Your trade is often assessed solely on the current market demand for it – does your dealer have a network of buyers interested in that specific make and model? If yes, you can expect a price that falls within a typical estimated value. If not, you may be out of luck, no matter when you tell your salesperson about it. In fact, you may have actually wasted time and have to re-do much of the paperwork by not disclosing your trade-in vehicle from the start.

Learn more about how your trade is valued and why in What Is My Trade Worth.

4. You have to get your car serviced at the dealership you bought it from

This is absolutely not true. Who told you that? We’re always surprised by this one. We’ve talked with customers in our service department that actually thought they were “cheating” on their original dealership by bringing it to us instead. It’s your vehicle, so you decide where you’d like it serviced. ‘Nuff said.


The truth is, you can always get a good deal any day of the month with the range of manufacturer’s promotions and in-house incentives a motivated dealership offers on a regular basis. In fact, you should not wait until the last day or you may not find your vehicle in stock, or have time to secure financing and insurance.

Did you know that Mills Motors is regularly recognized as being the top volume GM dealership in Ontario? If you want a good price, our Sales Managers are willing to do Whatever It Takes!

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