Building a Relationship with Your Service Consultant

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Driving a vehicle means that you’re going to spend a little time in the service department once in a while! Here are some ways to make it a positive experience:

You need a “car guy,” and we can help

After you’ve booked your appointment and come in to the service department, it’s the Service Consultant who is going to be your liaison. A Service Consultant is the best person to be your advocate: he or she has access to your maintenance records at that dealership. They may be familiar with you and your vehicle, and can explain the more technical aspects of your service work in a way that’s easier to understand. If you have questions or concerns over your vehicle or your bill, your Consultant is the person best equipped to facilitate a solution for you. So get to know your Consultant next time you’re in!

Book an appointment instead of walking in

Did you know that when you book an appointment, it’s with your Service Consultant, not a technician? So when you walk in, you will be fitted into the next available service position, which can put you at the bottom of the list. If you’ve booked an appointment, then your Consultant has advance notice that you’ll be coming in and can reserve a spot in the shop for you closer to your drop-off time.

When you call in or email us for your appointment, ask the Appointment Coordinator how busy the day is, and suggest a time that might make your visit is a little shorter. Also ask about lunch hours – even technicians and consultants need to eat – so if you have a quick maintenance appointment you may want to book it well before or after lunch.

Bonus tip: When you book your appointment online through our website, we take $10 off your service bill!

Stay in contact with your Advisor

With the technology right in our pockets, there’s no reason for you to sit and wonder what’s happening with your vehicle anymore. Be proactive when you come in for your appointment! Take your Consultant’s business card with his or her direct telephone number on it. Ask to be contacted at a certain time for a status update even if the work isn’t completed. Some Consultants will only call when your vehicle is ready, so if you’d like to stay more involved, let them know. Your Consultant can reach you any way you like: phone call, text, email, or even social media like Twitter. They can send you photos too – one Consultant once sent a customer a photo of the squirrel’s nest that was tucked into his engine!

shuttleAvoid surprises

If you have different circumstances, like being a GM employee, for example, please tell your Consultant prior to having work started on your car. That way your bill will be prepared right the first time. If you are entitled to a rental car, discuss that in advance so the proper arrangements can be made. If you need a shuttle, talk to the Appointment Coordinator at the time of booking so you aren’t left waiting too long for the driver to arrive.



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