The Art Of Road Trips

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Road trips are a wonderful excuse to explore new places, bond with the people you love, and make unforgettable memories.

A road trip is fairly simple to execute, but to experience a road trip that will go down in history, is truly an art. It takes planning, skill, and a lot of imagination to make a road trip truly memorable. Here’s how to create a legendary road trip!



Let’s begin with the road trip preparation

Of course you will be super excited to start your journey and explore new places, but don’t let that eagerness get the best of you. One must properly prepare to ensure a successful road trip. First and foremost, where are you going? Choosing your destination is a crucial first step in the road trip process. Plus, believe it or not, after you figure out where in the world this journey will take you, the trip becomes even more exciting!

Once the destination is decided upon, it’s time to plan the route. Will you take the scenic route? The city route? Stop at a charming B&B? Spend a night at a luxurious 5-star hotel? The choice is all yours and the possibilities are endless. With the route mapped out and the countdown ticking closer and closer to the departure day, it is finally time to stock up on the good stuff… snacks for the road! Every road trip needs delicious snack sessions along the way, so be sure to pack lots of yummy treats to keep your tummy feeling happy.



It’s Finally Time To Hit The Road

Now once those treats, along with all your other essentials like maybe some clothes and a toothbrush, are stashed away in your vehicle, it is finally time to hit the road! All of your planning and preparation has lead to this trip, and there are just a few things to keep in mind to make sure the trip is as smooth as it can be. Carefully plan out the seating arrangement in the vehicle. The driver should be someone responsible, alert, and ready to have some wicked, yet cautious fun.

The passenger should not necessarily be chosen based solely on the speed at which they called ”shotgun”; you should also take into account their DJ skills and navigation expertise. The driver and passenger are a team on this journey, so choose wisely. If you have some backseat passengers as well, they will probably be the ones who enjoy taking naps, singing very loudly when not napping, and requesting bathroom breaks. These people are also on snack duty, so you need someone back there that you can trust not to eat all the Doritos.


The next key to a great road trip, is music.

It could be a pre-selected playlist or the passenger thinking on their feet and adjusting the music to the mood of the vehicle. However the music is being played, it is an essential part to keeping spirits up during a road trip. Nevertheless, the most important thing to keep in mind during the trip is to enjoy the moment. Take pictures of things that you want to remember for the smile they put on your face. Embrace the beauty of the new places you explore.

Appreciate the people you are travelling with and the new individuals you may meet along the way. Allow yourself to disconnect every once in awhile from the world you are used to, and relish in the feeling of freedom. Simply enjoy the moment.


Time To Take The Journey Home

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so eventually your journey will take you back home. However, before you return to your daily routine, allot yourself some time to reminisce about your journey. Look at the pictures you took, and think of all the memories you made along the way. It is nice to share these stories with others who are eager to hear all about your trip, but sadly you can never share everything with them.

They will never fully understand why something was so funny, or how beautiful the scenery was, or how many interesting observations you made along the way. Only you can fully remember and appreciate the journey you experienced.

All there’s left to do now, is plan for the next one!


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