Warranty and Insurance


Customizable Protection

At Mills Motors we are committed to helping you protect and get the most out of your vehicle. We’ve aligned ourselves with the supplemental insurance provider Sym-Tech. Sym-Tech has been providing Finance & Insurance products for over 45 years in Canada. As they like to say “We are car people in the insurance business, not insurance people in the car business.”

A Mills Finance specialist can explain the options available to you and help guide you towards the most appropriate products for your vehicle and your driving habits. Below, we’ve summarized some of the more important Finance & Insurance offerings available.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Finance & Insurance specialists at either (905) 436 1500 or email us at [email protected]

With advancing technology added to vehicles each year, mechanical breakdowns could occur during the lifetime of your vehicle. i-Select Plus™ is a mechanical breakdown protection program that is designed to protect you and your investment from costly repairs. Coverage options include:

Ultimate Coverage

Protects your vehicle from the breakdown of any parts except for those items listed in the Exclusions Section of the Contract.

Enhanced Coverage

When Powertrain just isn’t enough, Enhanced Coverage brings protection to the next level.

Powertrain Coverage

Covers major components on your vehicle and offers protection against many major mechanical breakdowns.

Ultimate Wrap Coverage

Specifically designed for vehicles with underlying Powertrain components protection, and created to enhance this pre-existing coverage.

Ultimate Diesel/Turbo Wrap Coverage

Coverage specifically designed for vehicles with underlying Diesel/Turbo Engine components coverage; provides the same coverage as Ultimate with the exception of a select list of exclusions.

Your vehicle collects germs, bacteria viruses and fungi, also known as “microbes”. Sounds unpleasant and unhealthy? We think so too! Protect your vehicle and yourself with Microbe Defense and eliminate 99% of harmful microbes without the use of harmful chemicals.


Secure-Gard effectively deters thieves by marking your vehicle with a unique series of traceable I.D. numbers and branded decals. The I.D. numbers, VIN and customer information are registered into a secure database.

Tire-Gard Road Hazard Warranty guarantees that if a road hazard flattens one or more tires, the Selling Dealership will have the tires repaired or replaced – at no cost to the vehicle owner.


Total Loss Protection may waive a portion or all of the remaining balance owed on the loan or lease after an insurance settlement is paid for a total loss of a vehicle. Total Loss Protection protects borrowers and lessees from unexpected expenses due to vehicle total loss.

The difference between the primary insurance settlement and the amount still owing to the financial institution is known as the “GAP”. This typically represents thousands of dollars on a total loss of a vehicle.

Ride Green Certified not only helps protect the environment by reducing Green House Gases and harmful vehicle emissions but also has an added benefit of lowering fuel costs due to improved fuel efficiency. Ride Green® has been verified and validated as per the requirements of ISO 14064-3 and is listed with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) in the Green House Gas (GHG) Clean Projects Registry Program.

Body-Gard features:

Body Panel Protection

• Prevents moisture from attacking even the most recessed, vulnerable metal body panels
• Coats the inner areas of the vehicle
• No holes are drilled for application
• Penetrates seams and crevices where rust begins

Underbody Protection

• Seals out moisture and protects the bottom of the vehicle from damage due to gravel, dirt, and road salt
• Helps provide a sound barrier for a quieter ride by dampening vibrations

Extra-Care Protection

Further protect the vehicle with our Extra-Care Protection. It includes:
• Surface Rust Protection
• Rip Tear & Burn Protection