GM Preferred Pricing

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Preferred Pricing

What is Preferred Pricing and Do I Qualify?

There once was a time when you had to be a GM employee in order to get a special price on a new vehicle, but that was old school.

Preferred Pricing is a GM program that gives participating Canadian companies the ability to offer their employees the same amazing pricing as a GM employee when they purchase or lease a GM vehicle.

How do I qualify?

Just ask! If you are an employee of one of a huge number of Canadian companies who are enrolled in the GM Preferred Pricing Program, you may already be eligible for amazing savings on new vehicles like cars, trucks, sports utility vehicles and crossovers.

What’s the catch?

No catch! When your employer has joined the GM Preferred Pricing program, then you or your spouse can purchase or lease up to two vehicles a year at the same price that GM employees receive! Some provisions include that you own it for at least six months and 12,000 kms. The vehicle registration must remain in your name for the duration of the term.

Preferred PricingI’m probably not eligible … 


Cheer up, Debbie Downer! You’d be surprised at just how many companies both big and small are part of the GM Preferred Pricing Program, from small mom-and pop-owned shops to giant retailers, banks, utility companies and service providers. Ask your employer if your company has already joined. If it has, then all current, full time employees in that company are able to take advantage of the program!

Is it a complicated process?

Nope! If you’re eligible, just bring proof of current employment (a letter from your H.R. deptartment or a recent pay stub) and you can get the same discount GM employees enjoy!

Can I combine this discount with other offers?

You bet! Some restrictions apply, but certain incentives can be combined with the GM Preferred Pricing Program, such as the Student Bonus Discount, GM Card allowances and sub-vented interest rates. Reach out to one of our new vehicle sales consultants to find out more!

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