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GMC Terrain

Beyond the Mini Van: Why a GMC Terrain is a Mother’s Best Friend

Motherhood can hit you pretty hard. There’s so much to do and so much to learn about life with a new baby. Now everything you do going forward for the next 18 years (or more) is going to involve making decisions that put your baby first. That includes what vehicle you drive.

Sometimes that means saying a tearful goodbye to your zippy two-door coupe and welcoming a more family-friendly vehicle. But take heart; it doesn’t have to be a minivan! There are other options for you to get what you need with the sporty style that you want.

Consider a Crossover

If you don’t want to become a “Minivan Momma” then you’re probably considering an SUV or a Crossover vehicle. Crossover vehicles, such as the GMC Terrain and the Acadia, or the Buick Enclave, are a great option for families who want some of the space of a minivan with the drivability of a car.

We Know What Moms Want:

Here’s a few reasons why the GMC Terrain may be the perfect new addition to your family!

Cargo Space

We know moms cart around a LOT of gear. That’s why the rear cargo access is at the perfect height to easily load heavy items like strollers and hockey bags, and it’s spacious enough for all your groceries too.

GMC Terrain


The back seat was designed with kids in mind: the entire back seat assembly can be easily adjusted forward to make the most of the cargo space when your kiddos have short legs, and back again to accommodate growing legs that like to kick the back of your seat!

We know sometimes you need to cart around your kids AND your stuff. The 60/40 seat split means you can still seat two children in the back while making use of the folding section for larger items in your cargo space.

The rear centre armrest with two cup holders (Yes!) folds out to stop backseat battles and separate squabbling siblings who need to declare their own territory or else it’s war.

Fuel Economy

The Terrain has one of the best fuel efficiency ratings in its class, saving you extra time and money at the pump. No mom wants to stop again once she’s finally gotten all the kids into the car!

A Helping Hand

When your hands are full, you’ll truly appreciate the Power Liftgate option. With just one touch you can open and lift your rear hatch, so you don’t have to put anything (or anybody!) on the ground just to open it. It’s especially helpful in the winter!

Child Safety

Have you ever experienced the scary moment when a kid (or the dog) accidentally opens the rear windows while you’re driving at high speeds? You won’t ever panic again with child safety door and window locks that are controlled from the driver’s seat.

Car and booster seat anchors are easy to reach and make installing and removing a little simpler so you know you’ve done it right and your kids are safe and secure.

GMC Terrain

Entertainment Options

Never hear “Are we there yet?” again! Wouldn’t it be great if every child sat quietly in the car, napping or drawing, reading or daydreaming? When you find that child, let the rest of us know! Modern kids (and their moms) have higher expectations for their in-ride entertainment, and the GMC Terrain has the technology they crave.

The new line of 2015 Terrains come with free Onstar 4G LTE technology, making your vehicle a travelling Wi-Fi hotspot for up to seven devices! Keep all the children, teens and grown-ups happy–that’s kind of a miracle! So even in the middle of nowhere, your family can stay connected. (You’ll get three gigs of data and can arrange for more if you think you’ll need it.)

GMC Terrain

Opt for the Rear Seat Dual Display DVD players with headphones and presto! You’ve got instant peace and quiet in the peanut gallery! Kids can watch separate shows or play video games on their own monitors they fully control. And two sets of headphones means that you don’t have to hear another crazy episode of Adventure Time again.

Features Moms Love

Heated seats. We believe a warm bum = happy mum.

Most models come equipped with a Pioneer stereo system with eight (8) front and rear speakers because Mom needs her own music to stay sane; can we all admit that kids’ music is the worst?

The new IntelliLink System combines Bluetooth capabilities for streaming audio and smartphone integration. Hands-free calling means you drive safely with both hands on the wheel and still stay connected.

With the high resolution screen in your Colour Touch Sound System, it’s easy to see and access controls for your radio (including three free months of SiriusXM), CD and MP3 player, as well as the outside temperature display and a USB port with auxillary imput.

Got a bad sense of direction? Moms are too busy to get lost! Upgrade your Colour Touch System to include GPS? Navigation as well and you’ll always arrive on time.

The Onstar RemoteLink takes the remote starting of your Terrain one step further! Using the smartphone app, you can program your vehicle to start up from a remote location. Let’s say you left your vehicle in an outdoor parking lot in the middle of winter. You’re cold and you’ve got cranky children in tow. Imagine being able to start up your engine and get your Terrain warming up and defrosted by the time you arrive– genius, right? We think so. You can also send a location to your GPS Navigation system using the app and, when you get into the vehicle, the directions will be downloaded and ready to go!

Safety Functions

The GMC line has made safety a priority, earning a 2014 Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Keep your family safer with these high-tech features:

StabiliTrack: GMC Terrain’s traction control stabilization system helps bring your vehicle back into line when you’re out of control … and what mom isn’t occasionally out of control?

Rear vision camera: How did parents live without this? Your rear view mirror will display an image from your rear view camera, showing you what’s directly behind your vehicle. It’s angled toward the ground, so you can see what’s behind and below you before you move in reverse. Never run over your child’s scooter or bump into the garbage can again!

Six airbags: The Terrain contains two front air bags, head curtain side air bags and seat-mounted side air bags to safely protect the driver and passengers.  And the air bag passenger sensing system detects when your front passenger is too light (like a skinny teen who thinks he’s big enough to ride up front) and won’t allow the air bag to deploy to help prevent injury.

OnStar with 4G LTE: In addition to new 4G Wi-Fi performance, GMC vehicles come with trusted OnStar services including Automatic Crash Response, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Roadside Assistance, Emergency Services Link, and Remote Door Unlock—all features everyone can appreciate but especially a parent with young children. OnStar can also issue you diagnostic reports which are great if you are planning a family road trip to ensure your Terrain is in top shape and ready to roll.


Safety Package: Standard on the Denali and SLT-2 models and available on the GMC Terrain’s SLT-1 and SLT-2 trim models, the Safety Package includes a trio of features that make driving even safer:

  1. Lane Departure Warning: if your Terrain starts to drift into the next lane, you’ll hear about it with the warning beeps that alerts you. This also helps if you are the kind of driver who changes lanes without signalling!
  2. Forward Collision Alert: You try to keep your eyes on the road, but there are those split-second moments when your eye strays and disaster can happen. The GMC Terrain’s unique forward collision alert technology utilizes a camera to advise you if the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops, giving you a warning that you can both hear and see.
  3. Ultrasonic Rear Park Assist: Backing up into a tight space? The Rear Park Assist will let you know when you are getting close enough to “kiss” the bumper of the car behind you!

Want to hear more about how the GMC Terrain might be the perfect addition to your family? New and used models are available: just reach out to our experienced sales staff to get details!

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