GMC Terrain Rust Recall

May 20th, 2015 by

GMC Terrain

The 2010-2014 GMC Terrain Rust Recall Means Good News for Current Owners!

How can a recall be good news?

Normally when a car gets a few years (and several brutal, Canadian winters) under its belt (or fanbelt, as it were), it develops a little rust along with the usual wear and tear of everyday driving.

Normally it is up to the vehicle owner to look after any rust corrosion and repair, but with the proactive “Side Door Hem Corrosion” recall by GM, you get to have your Terrain serviced and restored at no additional cost to you! This recall refers specifically to the potential early corrosion of the lower hem of the interior side doors.

GMC Terrain

If no corrosion is present, your GM dealer can proactively seal the doors to protect them. If some corrosion is present, we will remove it, seal and repair the paint.

Mills Motors Buick GMC has a dedicated staff of trained technicians with years of experience in this kind of work who can provide the protection or correction of your “Side Door Hem Corrosion” so that your Terrain will be back to showroom condition! We’re here to answer any and all of your questions.

In order to qualify for the free rust corrosion treatment, you need to:

  • Be the current owner of a Canadian model year 2010 – 2014  GMC Terrain,
  • Have a letter of recall sent to you from GM Canada that includes your vehicle’s VIN number, and
  • Book in advance of the May 31, 2017 deadline. Please note that’s 2017, NOT 2015.

Click below and send us your information. We’ll call you back as soon as possible to confirm your date and time.

Get a free evaluation

Thinking about switching to a newer crossover model? In addition to the corrosion treatment, we can have your vehicle evaluated at the same time so you have an idea of its trade-in value if you are considering a change. Please let the appointment coordinator know you are interested in a trade evaluation when you book your rust recall appointment.

Learn more if you are asking yourself, “What’s My Vehicle Trade-in Worth?”

Why bother scheduling the corrosion treatment if you are considering a newer vehicle? The answer is simple: the repair won’t cost you out-of-pocket, AND it will increase the value of your Terrain at the time of trade-in! Win-win!

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