Recall Updates


General Motors is committed to your safety. Mills is here to help you better understand current and previous recalls and what steps you should take if your vehicle is affected. It includes general information and contact details, but for information on your specific vehicle, please contact us directly.


Find Out If You’ve Been Affected And Next Steps

If you have learned that your 2010-2014 model year GMC Terrain may have side doors that exhibit corrosion on the lower hem, you are in the right place to have your Terrain evaluated, protected or corrected. As your trusted GM Dealer, we will proactively seal the vehicle doors if corrosion is not present. If corrosion is present, we will remove the hem corrosion, seal and repair the paint. This service will be performed for you at no charge until May 31, 2017.

Please contact our Collision Centre to request an appraisal or to book your appointment.


Click Here To Find Out If You’ve Been Affected

If you are driving an affected vehicle, until the ignition recall repairs have been performed, it is very important that you remove all items from your key ring, leaving only the vehicle key. The key fob (if applicable) should also be removed from your key ring. Before exiting the vehicle, it’s also very important for you to make sure the vehicle is in “Park” or in the case of a manual transmission, to put the transmission into reverse gear and set the parking brake.

If you have a specific question, please visit the GM Ignition Recall F.A.Q. Site and see if it has been answered there. Otherwise, please feel free to ask us a question directly.